Partners in business

We are proud to partner with the following businesses to meet their catering, concession, event and gifting needs.

Conn's Catering

Corporate Concierge

Lifeline Theatre

Loyola University Chicago

Kruggle Cobbles

Midwest Care Management 

Northwestern University Catering

Raven Theatre

RT Specialty

Savour the Dates Catering

Shell Station Broadway/Hollywood

Steep Theater

Contact us today if you are looking to impress your clients with extraordinary products with a personal touch.


  •   8-12 Wedding cakes per month

  •   100 Artisan sandwich bread loaves per week

  •   500 Biscuits and/or dinner rolls per week

  •   500 Boxed lunches per week

  • 2000 cookies per week 

  • 2000 brownies per week

  • Corporate and Event catering and gifting for up to 2000 people per week

The Dish from Edge of Sweetness

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for Edge of Sweetness!

We are happy to announce new coffee and new espresso from Big Shoulders Coffee here in Chicago. Big Shoulders was voted number one coffee in Illinois by Food & Wine Magazine.